August 24, 2010

HotD Ep 8: Boobs and Bullet Time

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Some say boobs and bullets don’t mix.  I say that these two factors make up two of the three essentials of a Michael Bay movie (the other being explosions every 5 seconds).  This isn’t a Michael Bay movie so I think we can safely disregard that.  What we do see is lots of boobs and lots of bullets, including the tried and true bullet time.

Bullet time as probably existed in cinema for a while but most people will remember it’s overuse in the Matrix films.  The series takes it’s cue from that with a generous share of slow motion projectiles and slow motion… mammary vibrations.

She can be moe too!

Now that I have your undivided attention, and because I’m a tad bit too sleepy to even be making this blog post, let’s talk about the episode events.

Or relative lack thereof.  Compared to most of the other episodes, this episode almost likely occurs in the exact time frame of the episode’s running time.  That is, the events are probably only the length of twenty minutes, but what an awesome twenty minutes it is.  The gang has successfully crossed the river (yes a Hummer can cross rivers because the air intake is above the vehicle) and prepare to make it to Saya’s house.  On the way they see that there’s really no escaping the horde of the undead, as the raods here are just as packed with flesh eaters as the side they came from.

What else would ensue but an epic battle of bullets, totally ridiculous dodges and the most awesome development in recoil mitigation ever created?

They're both a bipod AND recoil dampeners! Try them today@

I’ve never had the opportunity to poke at living human female mammary glands to even presume to know that THAT is how vibrations move through them.  I have man tits partially chiseled at the gym but in atrophy over the last year so I have no direct experience on myself.  If there are any females reading this with a chest circumference even comparable to the cast (not very likely) you could always test it on yourself to see.  Please inform me of the results when you do.

Anyway it does prove that Takashi, at least right now, can’t fire a gun for shit.  He was doing fine with the Ithaca until he ran out, so for some reason the next apparent logical step is to mount the M1 strapped to Rei’s chest and start firing, and even then he doesn’t hit a damn thing.  He even had a makeshift bipod and recoil dampeners blessed by the heavens itself.

I am disappoint Takeshi.

Now THIS is a team!

Alice, while some would just consider her the mascot of the person that helps the group retain their ties to their humanity, has grown on me a lot in the manga and in the series.  Okay she doesn’t kick ass nor does she flash cleavage (She’s REALLY underage obviously) but in reality she’s done a lot for the group.  Listening to her sing on top of the Hummer reveals on how she’s been a big morale booster for the group, or at least Hirano anyway.  The team has been pretty somber for the most part, but you can see a good bit of joy in their faces when dealing with her.

A bit more so with Saya it seems, whose maternal instincts kick in as she obviously doesn’t want her to be exposed to the violence that they must inflict on the undead.  However more than all of this, I think the best sign of Alice’s strength of resolve and character is the way she fights through her fear compared to everyone else.  She can’t fight of course, and of course she’s scared, but the mere gesture of handing Hirano the spare magazines despite the obvious shaking of her hands means that while she is also afraid, she won’t let herself lose to the undead that easily.  She will help fight in her own way, and with this she even gives Hirano that big morale boost he sorely needed.

GAR meter at 100%.

The episode actually makes a rather big alteration on the chronology of the series.  Not so much that it changes the plot, but it advances a more isolated event in the story that would likely appear in a second season to this season.  Saeko and Takashi’s separation from the rest of the group is supposed to happen much later, but since it’s an independent event for the most part it can still fit in with this season well enough.

An ass-kicking pair.

The next episode will likely tackle Saeko and Takashi’s isolation from the rest of the group, which means it’s going to be full of win and awesome.


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