August 19, 2010

Ookami-san to Shichinin etc. Ep8: Teh “Truth” About Dem Womens

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Do you like them short or tall?  Fat or thin?  Flat or busty?  Demure or deranged?  Active or lazy?  Smart or stupid?  Savvy or lame?  Curious or dull?  Clean or messy?  Nice or naughty?

There are so many girls in this world ripe for the taking!  I claim this at the risk of sounding sexist!  This is the truth!  Take your pick!  It’s easy!  Just close your eyes and point!

Unless of course you’re a 12 year old rich kid with a butler who knows the in and out truths of every type of women in this world from the wonders of the pettanko to the effects of gravity on anything that is bigger than a C cup.  I don’t know whether to call this butler weird or wise.  Perhaps both.  Maybe.

Maid meets Butler

As a rapid deviation from the drama-heaviness of the last 2 episodes, the Bank gets a request from the family of a rich kid to help their 12 year old child find a bride.  Mind you child weddings aren’t exactly a thing of the past in modern society, especially in political and financial weddings.  You could assume this would have been a plot and message heavy episode about forced marriages, broken relationship and the like but… yeah…

That butler is awesome.

I can scarcely believe Yui Horie voices her.

One must listen intently to the wisdom imparted by ye old Butler, complete with his Western name.  While this is supposed to be the Bank’s job to find him a suitable wife, it almost entirely boils down to him and his questionable but likely true accounts of the realities behind every type of woman you are bound to meet and/or fall in love with.  From the nagging workaholic above to the potty mouth loli to the creepy stalkers and the busty today saggy tomorrow women.

It stops working after the nth time you say it.

This actually might be a bit of a review of sorts.  The clients go through most of every women the Bank has helped with so far and… uh… once again exposing their character eccentricities for all of us to laugh at again.  Virtually every one of them hasn’t changed all and their all up to their same antics.  These antics come across as a bit repetitive the second time around, but the comedy is given new like by the Butler’s running commentary about the nature of women.  One can only imagine how many women he’s had… experience with.

This man speaketh wisdom!

I like my pointless and mindless fun.  This episode feels like pure filler honestly, but filler isn’t always teh suck.  It was pure comedy from start to near finish, sort of wasted by the conclusion to the kid’s problems, but again salvaged by the Three Little Pigs Side story.  Personally though, with 4-5 episodes left, too much filler would be a bad thing.

Reality sucks.

Facepalm is needed.


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  1. Shinooochan said,

    Toradora, anyone? ;P

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