August 16, 2010

HotD Ep7: We Are Still Human

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Honestly, who here wouldn’t want to save a loli in distress in a heartbeat?

One could call Takashi and Hirano impulsive, foolhardy or whatnot, but you can’t deny that they did what they felt was right.  While Saeko so rightfully implied that it is unrealistic to want to save everyone, it doesn’t also mean that you shouldn’t save the ones you can.  Everyone wants to survive and will do whatever they can, but again it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to throw your humanity away to keep on living at the end of the the world as we know it.

Did the two badasses make the right call?  You decide.

This is something a child should never ever have to see.

Safe from their (temporary) perch, while the girls sleep or do chores the two guys bear witness to the horrors that continue to unfold.  While we don’t get any more actual shots of the bridge leading to the other size of the river, the fires that seem to burn and the mass of zombies converging there are obvious indications that the containment has failed, and zombies have likely breached to the other side of the river.  Saying that the end has begun is a understatement.

Closer to home, various survivors still cling desperately to life as zombies prepare to rip the flesh off their bones.  Of particular note is a father and daughter seeking refuge in a barricaded house.  The inhabitants refuse initially, and when the father threatens to break down the door, the residents decide to open the door, much to the father’s relief.

What happens next of course, while shocking, may as well be expected, as the screenshot above shows.

Cooking is her hobby. Kicking ass is her day job.

Can we blame a terrified family for stabbing Alice’s father?

Perhaps we should.  All the two of them ever wanted was some sort of safe haven.  Hell he even wanted them to at least take her daughter.  He was prepared to do what was necessary for her even if it meant separation.  Does the desire to live and survive with your fellow man justify killing him?  In a way it doesn’t.  He was still alive, he wasn’t a zombie and he wasn’t a direct threat to them.  Yet, in their intense fear where all rationale is lost to overwhelming emotion, they stabbed him in fear for their lives.  Honestly, it was a father and child seeking shelter, nothing more.  Perhaps really, fear and the desire to live could come at the cost of your own humanity.

Likewise, perhaps we shouldn’t.  The family inside obviously cared to keep each other safe and they probably knew that letting people in would be a big risk, especially if they couldn’t take care of each other and the zombies they would all attract.  They had to make a choice:  keep themselves safe inside, or risk everyone’s safety to help someone else.  He had to make a crunch time call, and while stabbing Alice’s father may not have been the best decision to make, he did what he had to do.  Murder is never a good thing, but sometimes you do what you must.

In reality which option is best to take is really up to you.  No one can truly blame you for what you choose, yet in the end only your conscience will be the final arbiter after the fact.

Remember those who fell.

Takashi, realizing that he’s had enough of witnessing this inhuman bullshit, decides it’s time to unleash awesome and save the loli in distress.  Hirano, realizing that no man can leave a loli behind and still be called a man, decides it’s time to unleash awesome and do some headshot practice.  What transpires is a season’s worth of GAR and epicness as Takashi cycles his way while through the zombie hordes to the house as Hirano puts some hot lead right between the eyes of the undead.  Of course when tackling the undead, plans tend to go to hell in a crapper pretty quick, which prompts the need for a bit of innovation on his part.

At this point the horde knows that they’re there and it’s time to get Takashi and evacuate.  With a military-grade Hummer on their side, how could they lose?

A REAL man among the dead.

For most of the series so far we’ve pretty much bared witness to the moral and social collapse of human civilization.  You’ve got punks roaming the streets and doing what they want, the police willing to kill troublemakers to maintain order, rapists looking for victims to feed their freed inhibitions and opportunists pushing others into the meat grinder to satisfy their own egos in a new world order.  There are times when you have to question just who the monsters are in the post-apocalypse:  the undead operating purely on base instinct or the living consciously shoving everyone else aside.  Monstrosity comes in two forms:  those who are turned into it and those who choose to become it.

As Rei so aptly puts it: “We’re still human.”

There are those who still believe that, even if you can’t save everybody, you should give your all in saving those who you can.  The cast realizes that surviving doesn’t mean you must become unfeeling and uncaring to those not in your immediate area of responsibility.  Surviving entails doing what you must for yourself, yet never forgetting that there are also other people in your shoes.  Altruism is probably the best term to describe it.  There are times that you simply cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering of others.

The only way for humanity to survive the end of the world, then, is too also never forget own their humanity.

This should be the required uniform for any ass kicking woman.

Probably the best episode of the series so far.  Enough fanservice to keep the men who like that sort of thing going, and enough action to keep the action nuts satiated.

But beyond the things we’ve expected from the series, we see a tiny glimpse of the humanity that the group has been trying to maintain over the past two days.  Despite the chaos and the disorder, despite the overwhelming need to stay alive, they haven’t forgotten that they’re still human, and that they cannot very well ignore people they can help.


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