August 9, 2010

HotD Ep6: A Brief Shot of Heaven

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And by heaven I mean a brief respite in the middle of hell.  And by respite I mean a brief moment of recreation and relaxation.  And by R&R I mean that Takashi might be the luckiest (living) human being on the face of that earth.

Considering that this is almost purely a fanservice episode, let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way first.

Goddamned censors!

This is actually his reaction to guns.

No one is safe.

The normal physiologic male reaction to bewbz.


Yes best scene of the entire episode and maybe the series, to date.  Haters be damned.

In the midst of the still ongoing chaos we see scenes of even pseudoscientific nutcase protests occurring with people protesting the “cruel treatment” of the infected.  Clearly these people haven’t seen first hand the horrors of the walking undead.  It comes to the point that, now without other recourse, the police are now forced to take extreme measures to protect everyone they realistically can, even if it means pointing their guns on the living.  The nutcase protesters get a first hand look at the insanity of it all, as well as what the police will do to anyone who’s insane actions would jeopardize the safety of everyone else.

The real battle begins.

Call this a breather episode if you will.  It doesn’t really do anything for the plot, but I really don’t care because this series has never been pretentious to begin with.  This episode is all fanservice and barely anything else.  If you judge it solely on those merits then this episode did its job.

Next week, of course, it’s survival time once again.


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