August 8, 2010

Amagami SS Ep6: On The Umbilicus

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Umbilicus is essentially your navel, belly button or whatever you call it on your language.

With that it might be easy to just call it a day if this episode manages to satiate whatever kissing fetish you have.  If you have a fetish for knees and popliteal regions then Haruka’s story may have done it for you.  If by some chance you enjoy the idea of sticking one’s tongue into another person’s navel, then maybe this episode and all the sexy hair may be up your alley.

Beyond that, of course, is still an episode that is all fun and smiles, especially if you’ve ever been trapped in the “friend zone”.

You can't deny it!

In most stories, it tends to be the guy, but Amagami employs a lesser used approach in putting Kaoru, the girl, straight into the middle bowels of the “friend zone.”  If you’ve ever been there, you’ll know that the friend zone is a god-forsaken hellhole of confusion, jealousy, anger with bits of sadness here and there.  The typical person new to romance would assume that it SHOULD be easier to turn friendship into romance if the two have been friends for a while, but everyone else knows that in many cases, turning friendship into romance is a completely different enigma of its own.

Both Kaoru and Junichi admit that the true status of their friendship is a bit in limbo.  They are friends but not yet really close in the sense of “friends.”  It’s a very abstract concept that’s difficult to verbalize, and it really boils down to human experience.  People who have experienced it can immediately point out and relate to the two of them, but for everyone else, it’s really something you need to have been in to really know what kind of relationship these two have.

It looks MUCH better in motion.

Junichi comes off as a bit more of a follower in this story.  While Haruka in the previous arc was obviously headstrong with a commanding approach, for the most part both she and Junichi were setting the pace for their relationship.  For Kaoru’s part it feels like the pacing of their relationship is more determined by her than by Junichi, which is partially due to Junichi being still mostly clueless.  Even though she’s still insisting on denying her obvious feelings for him, she’s already moving things to an area beyond friendship, whether she realizes it or not.

The issue of her being the Tsundere is still being debated and while I really don’t want to get into that argument, I might as well put in my two cents for this:  I don’t think she’s really one as per the classic definition.  While her outward denial of her own inner feelings are indicative of the trait, it is not entirely definitive.  There are still more aspects to her personality than to simply label her as one.

To steal a kiss is a crime!

Okay fine let’s talk about this arc’s kiss fetish: the umbilicus.  So as not to bore you with anatomical details, suffice to say that I’m not exactly sure why the navel actually has a more afferent nerve innervation than most of the abdominal wall.  It’s even classified as an erogenous zone for many people.  Whatever the case it is accepted that the periumbilical area of the navel is generally more sensitive to stimulation than the rest of the abdomen.  From this point of view I guess Junichi’s fetish for this arc is a bit more believable than in Haruka’s.

For what it’s worth I guess it’s a bit more comfortable to watch the episode doesn’t focus too much of orgasm faces of the girl in question, though I probably wouldn’t dare question what Kaoru felt about since she was apparently… excited for what Junichi was about to do.  I mean it isn’t everyday someone puts their tongue into your navel in the library.

Navel asphyxiation? Not a bad way to die actually.

For the first time in the series looks like we will be treated to some real drama.  I guess anyone would be shocked to see their mothers going out with some other guy in the absence of one’s father, but Kaoru’s teary eyed reaction is suggestive of something much deeper and painful.  We don’t know enough about her past to conclude as to why she would immediately cry upon seeing her mother in the arms of another man, heck we don’t even know if her father’s even alive.  What we do know at least is that for what it’s worth, the mere idea of a new man in her mother’s life drove her to tears.

We will find out soon enough.

I don’t know if this trend of having a different kissing fetish per arc is a good thing or a bad thing.  So far it’s only appeared twice but who knows we might get an armpit, an elbow or even a foot kissing fetish down the line.  Whatever the case most of the time it serves more of a comedic diversion than anything, though of course where they allow it to happen may speak of their own personalities or something.

A pretty good episode overall.  Like in the previous story, the ball gets rolling in the second episode, and the same applies here.  With the added weight of Kaoru’s problem with her mother, it would be interesting to see how this turn of events affects her usual personality and dynamics with Junichi in the long run.


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