July 17, 2010

Amagami SS Ep3: Ooohh Fetish!

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Oh yeah fetish.  Everyone wants their fetishes.  Not only is it facepalm inducing embarrassment and comedy, but it also helps put a bit of perspective into the relationship between two individuals.  It wasn’t long ago that Junichi was a love struck little doggy clinging to the heals of school idol Haruka but now he’s… literally kissing them.

Which makes viewing episode 3 not only rather embarrassing but also… rather unbelievable.  I’m not saying it’s bad, but in terms of believability for a pair of high school students it just makes it hard to qualify how much their relationship has progressed from a forehead kiss to what sounds like an orgasm in the school cafeteria.

I’m going to assume that it’s partly the fault of a limited format for each girl, but even then, I would have that they’d have qualified it more than they have.

Girlfriend GET!

Junichi is obviously in typical dreamland daze days after being kissed on the forehead by Haruka.  I guess he thinks she already considers him as boyfriend material and can barely contain his radiating ecstasy for the rest of the school body to see.  His closest friends of course pick up on this turn of events pretty quickly and tease him for it.  He can barely restrain himself from bouncing off the walls but he’s doing it surprisingly well, and with that his mind is pretty much dominated by Haruka.

So when they meet again after that vaguely romantic encounter, he wants another kiss.  Being the typical male that he is he wants it straight up lips and probably tongue action, but Haruka being the typical hard-to-get girl that she’s playing makes a dare: she’ll allow him a kiss if he thinks of a unique spot on her body to do it.  The place and the spot?

A place of memories and bodily secretions.

To the shed!

On the back of the shins!


True to his puppy-dog infatuation with Haruka, his idea is related to how dogs like to lick around the area of the feet.  As such his… novel idea actually gets approved by Haruka despite the audacity of it all.  Then again Haruka has always come across as the adventurous oh-what-the-hell-let’s-do-it type of girl so she eventually agrees.

Cue embarrassing out-of-context hilarity.

I have an idea! And it's only slightly creepy!

Yeah so they do it with the tradition embarrassing moans and sounds.  Yes it’s fanservice-y but not actually explicit, so I have to hand it to the studio for not going overboard.  Sounds are enough to get the idea in your head and it’s good enough for this.

But we have 15 minutes left.  That’s not the end of the slightly sexual suggestions!

It's not what you think.

As they continue to explore the fetishist sides of their hormonally driven teenage lives, it all goes to the cafeteria where Junichi takes the lead with his… idea.

Public roleplaying?  Check

Imaginary S&M suggestions?  Check

Getting odd looks from other students?  Check

In what is almost obviously an ode to Meg Ryan’s infamous restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally, Junichi and Haruka indulge in a bit of roleplaying who’s nature I will not divulge as you should see it, and yes hear it, for yourself.  Cue even more hilarity and some such.

Okay maybe it is.

Now, putting hilarity aside, let’s put my actual thoughts on the episode into view.

On a second viewing, despite it being out of context comedy central, I didn’t like it as much as previous ones.  It’s mostly because I really find the transition between puppy-love crush to fetish experimentation to be very, very jarring.

I’m not harping on the realism of their… uh experiments.  A healthy relationship would entail for both sides to come clean with their fantasies and fetishes and experiment them on a bit, but really, had their relationship progressed THAT much and THAT far for them to have enough of a comfort zone to be doing it in public?

Personally Episode 3 fails to put into perspective a sense of progression and a time frame on their relationship.  We get a jump from a forehead kiss to a When Harry Met Sally S&M tribute in the school cafeteria.  I can believe in months or even weeks, but days is a bit of a stretch.  If perhaps the episode tried to qualify it with progressive events that made a more logical connection between both episodes then I can live with it, but a sudden jump between two ends of a relationship spectrum almost makes me want to conclude that this entire thing was fetish fuel.


There’s also a bit of a thing with Junichi.  While I admire his resolve to do away with pride and… ok decency to get the girl, the exploration into his fetishist side all of a sudden is a bit… creepy.



  1. coolasj19 said,

    I think its just best to assume that weeks have passed. Since Christmas is right around the corner.

  2. Michael said,

    It was … for lack of a better word … novel.

  3. mshaydown said,

    Creepy indeed…I wasn’t able to enjoy this episode due to the way Junichi acted. It’s just unsettling

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