July 2, 2010

Another Day, Another Anime Blogger…

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The internet probably has millions of blogs on it.  Blogs about millions of things as well, everything from “What my dog ate this morning” to “I hate Jenny in the other class she’s such a tramp!” to “ZOMGHAIZ ths is meh blogz!”, among other things of course.  I usually don’t frequent blogs myself.  I find most of the blogosphere to be a rather strange bunch of people, most of them nice people with nice things to say, others full of mindless hatecrap that tends to give the internet society it’s less than stellar reputation.  Some of it deserved, but most of it not.

The only blogs I ever frequented were anime blogs to tell the truth, and most of the time it’s usually just to see the latest news on new releases, news on upcoming series, but most of the time to find out what most people think about a series and whether the series in question would be a good watch.  As this blog is titled, I’d probably go batshit insane in medical school if not for anime being one of my hobbies.  At the end of the day of patients with a multitude of diseases and professors asking for dozens of diagnoses, this is probably one of my few joys in life (aside from getting drunk after classes anyway).  But enough of this story, this is an anime blog for God’s sake!

In the end this is just another anime blog of sorts from the thousands out there.  How’d this blog start you ask?  (c’mon please ask I don’t wanna be talking to my screen =P)

It all started a few hours before this post.  I had just seen the final episode of Tatami Galaxwhich you should really watch and made my forum post over at animesuki about it.  It just so happened that I received an email some time ago from someone who found my posts on the series great and it managed to get him into the series.  He commented on how I should blog because apparently I’d make a good anime blogger of sorts.  Up to that point I’ve never really considered it, probably because I never really understood the system.  One of my friends in real life actually blogs anime too, and the truth is we never realized who each other was in the animesuki forums until we poked around and realized we knew each other IRL.  Eventually I asked for his advice and he said it would be good and so… well here I am.

So I’ll be brief:  Just like most of every anime blog you’ve ever seen, this will be me blogging about the shows I’m watching in a season.  What sets me apart from other bloggers is… I have no freaking idea.  I guess I’ll try a gimmick, or maybe not.  In whatever case it’ll be me being me, talking about the stuff I watch and maybe drop in a recommendation or two if I do actually enjoy it.

I guess I don’t have much more to say besides an introductory post.  I’m still learning this whole blogging thing with all the widgets and tools and sheet.  Makes me sound like an old fart compared to all yous youngins (I’m 25).  I guess everything here starts tomorrow, +8 GMT, when the things begin to roll and I don’t accidentally delete this damn thing.

Meo ou- ah screw it.  I need a good exiting tag.



  1. Michael said,

    Welcome. 🙂

  2. Vendredi said,

    Hey, welcome! Don’t worry about the age thing, it all just depends on where you look. Just make sure to keep up a pace you can sustain, and in the meantime find some regular places to comment.

  3. Michael said,

    Yep. What Vendredi said. It’s good to have a few places where you comment often.

    And chill. Don’t explode with ten posts a day then burn for the next month.

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