February 25, 2012

Blogging on hold until the end of March

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Yeah… won’t be able to finish blogging the second season of Last Exile. Lots of stuff I have to take care of before internship ends, so this place will be on hold for the next 5 weeks. Again, I plan to start again when next season rolls in.

February 6, 2012

Less than 60 days to go…

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One of the difficulties in blogging Last Exile right now is that the subs come out rather late in the week, eliminating the time I have to make the write up, that and I don’t always have the time to watch the Animax dub, which is horrid by the way. So yeah, had to skip last week and this week because of that.

Of course I have less than 60 days before I get my MD, but my body’s reaching it’s limit which makes it all the more hard than it already is. So yeah, skipping 15 and 16, hopefully even though 17 is a flashback I can start back up with that.

January 22, 2012

Last Exile – Fam the Silver Wind – Ep14: Scorched Earth

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It’s one thing to conquer another country, and another thing to want to burn it to the ground.  It’s honestly hard to gauge what Ades really wants to do, and given the level of control Lusciana has, makes me question whether the child empress even fully aware of the actions of his subordinates.  Glacies for one doesn’t look to be a very hospitable or even arable land; it looks much like how I imagine Siberia to look like, and yet the Ades fleet thinks that carpet bombing the hell out of the land is their best bet to counter Glacies’ high tech weaponry.  This is the scorched earth tactic often used by many armies.

What you can’t have, you burn to the ground.

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January 10, 2012

Stress, packed shedules and such…

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So my junior internship is winding down with less than a hundred days to go, ironically as the year wraps up the stress and time constraints makes blogging harder with each passing day. Maybe it’s the fatigue finally catching up with me after all this these months. I did say that blogging will probably be more irregular when I started the year, so my prediction did come true.

Haven’t had a post in almost a month. I plan to continue Last Exile’s second season with either episode 12 or 13 depending again on time availability. Also for the first time since I started I won’t be blogging a show for the winter season even though I planned to blog either Another or Black Rock Shooter, but again time is a hassle.

On the other hand, Spring starts when my clerkship ends and senior internship starts. From then on I’ll have time to go back to serious blogging, so I’ll be picking up 1 or 2 shows for spring 2012.

Just need to survive another 2 and a half months…

December 14, 2011

Last Exile – Fam the Silver Wing – Ep9: Like Sisters

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They say that blood is thicker than water, but true bonds are thicker than blood. I’m sure that some of us probably have adopted or foster brothers or sisters, and most of us some friends we thought of as family. So much importance is placed on blood ties that sometimes I think that we forget that blood means nothing if there aren’t any bonds that tie people together. Family is not limited to sharing genes and a house. Family is not merely a physical and genetic distinction. Family extends beyond something simply tangible but also to something more emotional and more profound. Who is to say that someone isn’t your family just because you don’t share any chromosomes? Family is all about the connection, and when that connection exists, then you are a family.

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December 4, 2011

Last Exile – Fam The Silver Wing – Ep8: Jetstream

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The concept and practice of rocket propulsion has been in use even during the ancient Chinese eras, but it was during the second world war that jet propulsion really came into being.  I forget who was credited with the original basis for rocket propulsion, but the first widely publicized use of jet engines was under the Third Reich.  Upon the defeat of Germany during WW2 their most talented scientists fell into the hands of the Americans, British and the USSR.  These countries benefited from the rather advanced technologies they captured, and this helped form the weapons of war the would ultimately shape the Cold War.

The jets and rockets in this series look pretty basic, as opposed to the rather thick Russian accents, but presents even then just how different the techs between countries really are.  Ades may have the number, but Glacies have the obviously superior technology.

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November 28, 2011

Ok I promise…

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Everything goes back to the usual next week starting with Last Exile’s episode 8. Was supposed to start this week with Tamayura again, but working at a birthing hospital is giving me huge lower back pain and eyebags up to my chin. When this rotation ends at the end of November, I can get back to blogging…

November 14, 2011

Last Exile – Fam The Silver Wing – Ep5: Head of State

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As long as the people exist, as long as their beloved leader exists, a nation will keep on going, or so they say.  The lands of Turan are gone but it’s people live on in the wilderness, and it’s leader lives among sky pirates on a wandering battleship.  So then as long as Millia keeps on believing that Turan has a future, as long as the Turan people live to see that future, Turan will exist again on day.  Until that time of course she has to set up her government in Exile (pun and irony intended) by hook or by… maid costume.


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November 5, 2011

Last Exile – Fam The Silver Wing – Ep4: New Ship On The Block

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Perhaps Fam was reaching too high.  Perhaps the Silvius is too lofty a goal for her to reach for.  You can’t fault her too much for wanting to take over the legendary ship that is all but a ghost to the rest of the world.  It’s the new ship on the block and already it’s showing to be a ship far more advanced than anything the planet has seen before.  Curbing her enthusiasm aside, Fam of course doesn’t know the same thing we (or most of us at least) know:  The Silvius and it’s crew don’t mess around.

It may be shrouded in mystery, but it sails for a purpose.

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October 31, 2011

Last Exile – Fam The Silver Wing – Ep3: Prayer For The Departed

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War is hell, war never changes.  During the lull between battles one will realize that the bigger the war, the more dead lie in the streets.  Who will bury the?  Who has the time to?  Would even care to give a proper one for the dead of your enemies?  Perhaps one single piece of humanity that still exists in the middle of a bloody war is the way we treat our dead.  Behind the front lines, between the battles when everyone is supposed to rest, it is characteristic of humans to pay respects to the dead, any dead for that matter, even of your enemies.  We give the time of day to bury them even if they were just shooting at us minutes ago.  No matter the circumstance, humanity honors the dead and departed no matter the reason.

It’s almost ironic that this episode comes out mere days before November 1 and 2.

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